Private Infant Massage Colwood

Private Infant Massage Classes

Infant massage can make a profound impact on a baby’s growth, overall health, and the bond they share with a caregiver.  All human beings, even the smallest ones, require nurturing touch in order to develop and thrive.  Massage therapy during infancy is one of the areas of massage that has been extensively studied.  Click on the following blue links to learn more about the research showing that it helps with pre-term infant weight gain and enhances neurological integration.  It can improve their digestion, regulate sleep, and improve motor skills.  Perhaps most importantly; infant massage is shown to help mothers experiencing post partum depression (PPD) manage their symptoms and positively improve their interactions with their newborns.

I teach hands-on private infant massage classes to care givers and their infant in my clinic.  There is room for up to two care givers and one child.  As long as your baby is healthy, you may start infant massage at any time after birth.  My goal is to teach you the principles and techniques of infant massage so that you can continue the practice at home.  It is my philosophy that before they are able to give their own consent, a bonded and trusted parent/care giver should be the one performing the massage.  At it’s heart, massage therapy is all about healthy, positive and nurturing touch and I feel that parents and guardians are the best people for the job of introducing that concept to their children.

Classes are one hour and the fee is $100 including GST.  Parents or care givers will receive a take home manual, a small bottle of hypoallergenic grape seed oil and follow-up email and/or phone support from me after our session.  If your child has already been added to your extended health plan, I may also able to bill your insurance provider for the class.  For more details about direct billing for extended health plans, click here.

For more information, please contact me.  If booking online, please try to choose a time when your baby will be alert yet relaxed (such as just after nap time), and will have fed within the last hour, but not within 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.  This will greatly increase the likelihood that your baby will be calm and receptive to receiving a massage.